About DFWPhoto & “KT”

KT’s fascination with photography began in the late 1980’s. Throughout high-school he could usually be found in the small darkroom on campus surrounded by rolls of medium format film hanging on clothes lines or focusing intently on a print being created on an enlarger. After high-school, KT joined the workforce as a Linux Administrator and later a Linux Architect but never left his passion for photography behind. As film photography waned, KT grudgingly moved toward digital and found his prowess with computers would serve to help him make a smooth transition to digital darkrooms. Film still plays a part in his work albeit it a much smaller one.

In the late 1990’s “dfwphoto.com” was born as a place for local photographers to post their work in portfolios for free. In mid 2000, dfwphoto.com moved to dfwphoto.org and lives on featuring the work of many local area photographers and will shortly celebrate fifteen years online. ┬áStill free! Meanwhile, dfwphoto.com became KT’s home for his professional photography.

KT’s speciality is a boudoir fusion of early century lighting techniques and modern day dress. His work tends to use many shadows and dark locations to keep the subject shrouded in mystery and the viewer’s interest at it’s peak.

“KT’s work is unique in it’s ability to keep the viewer guessing. If you’ve only looked at one of his pieces at a glance you should take a second look, beyond the shadows and even into the reflections of the subject’s eyes, you are sure to find something you did not see before” – Photo.net Article

KT also combines boudoir into his bridal work when requested and deviates from his boudoir style into more traditional Wedding and Engagement photography. KT has shot over two hundred weddings, bridals and engagement but will tell you it is still not his forte and often recommends other photographers over himself for this type of work.

“KT was amazing to work with, his attention to detail during my bridals, engagements and wedding were incomparable especially after he stepped up when another photographer canceled on me a month before my wedding. He calmed all my worries and allowed me to concentrate on other things while memorializing my wedding in ways I’d never thought were possible. All through the process, KT made sure he was heading in the direction we wanted and took every critique as a challenge. As a visual artist, I am very picky but this never bothered him!”

Rarely shooting anything but humans, KT dabbles in landscape photography and abstract selling them as prints to private buyers, retail establishments and commissions.

KT uses Canon cameras and lenses, Paul C Buff studio lighting, Bogen/Manfrotto background systems and Sandisk Extreme Media cards. KT’s digital darkroom consists of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and a myriad of custom and purchased filters, actions and plug-ins. KT uses Apple Computers.