A Note on Safety & Comfort

Due to the nature of what we shoot and the fact that most of our clientele is female, we want to be sure you are comfortable and feel safe.  Below you will find details on how we conduct shoots, especially those in the Kink or Boudoir realm (which is our primary clientele). You are more than welcome to refer to this page whether or not you end up shooting with us in the future.

So, how are you going to make sure I’m safe and comfortable during a shoot?


We absolutely encourage you to bring someone you trust if you feel the need. Whether on location or in studio, if you feel like having someone you know with you will make you more comfortable, we are absolutely fine with that. As a matter of fact, if a photographer *ever* says something like “I need you to come solo, an escort will be a distraction”, you run, you run fast. There is absolutely no reason an escort should be denied during a shoot. A photographer who denies you your escort does not care about your safety or comfort. Your escort will not be stuffed into some other room or anything like that and if they partake in the drinking of spirits, we will almost assuredly offer them a glass.

Female Assistants

Most of our shoots in the studio now take place in our purpose built home studio. My wife, who is also a MUaH  professional, is almost always present during studio shoots. If she will not be available, you will be made aware in advance. On the occasion I hire an assistant or have an intern, they are always female during these style of shoots.

Safety during Shibari/Suspension Shoots

If you are here interested in a Shibari/Suspension shoot then this paragraph will be important to you. Both my wife and I are riggers. We consider Shibari an art form and while we do also add Shibari into our personal kink scenes with our partners, we *never* attempt to engage a client in anything remotely resembling a kink scene. If you are being tied by one of us, as opposed to bringing your own rigger, we will absolutely require a meeting ahead of the shoot for explaining the process (unless you are an experienced bottom). Depending on the level of experience, we may also ask that you try out being tied ahead of the shoot. Discomfort, fear, nervousness, etc all show up in film readily and we want to allay any concerns before the flashes start going off. Negotiations will happen just as they would in a scene but will tend to focus more on medical issues, concerns you have and explaining the process of whatever form of tie we are planing to use.  I cannot stress enough that our shoots are nom-sexual. If you are looking to scene with me or us or be tied for purposes other than photography, that is a completely different conversation.


One of the biggest concerns my clients have is concerning the privacy of their shoot. Nothing will ever be published without your consent. My references will tell you that I annoy them by asking permission for EACH shot I might want to put on my Instagram page or portfolio. Your privacy is a huge concern for me and it would go against everything I believe in and honor to publish work you do not want public. Even if you give me permission to publish one of your shots and then decide later you don’t want it out there any longer, I will happily remove it without question.

I am happy to provide a list of references you are more than welcome to contact to ask about anything you would like, from what the home studio is like to my level of professionalism.


(These are mostly not FAQ’s but rather things I’d probably ask if I was a female addressing a photographer I don’t know. note: i’m a sarcastic guy and that reflects here. ) 🙂

Q) How long have you been shooting? 
A) Since I was in 8th grade, but what you are probably really asking is how long I’ve shot boudoir and kink. About 20 years or so.

Q) How do I know you aren’t some creepy pervert that just wants to get me naked? 
A) Honestly, you don’t and lets be honest, I’m a pervert (aren’t you?)  but in this setting, I am a professional. (Not a professional pervert damnit!) 🙂  I can sit here all day long and preach about my views on consent (it’s king) and other things but at the end of the day, I could just be very good at bullshit (I am!). That said, hopefully references, encouraging escorts, etc will help. I am also absolutely fine meeting with you and your friend, husband, boyfriend, whatever somewhere public so you get to meet me outside of a scary studio setting. In person still trumps every other form of communication when it comes to getting a read on someone.

Q) For Shibari, can I bring my own Top/Rigger? 
A) Yep, absolutely. I will want your top to inspect our ceiling mounted hard points to be sure they feel comfortable tying on them but other than that and respecting my studio, anything goes. I’ve shot full on scenes for couples so it’s not a problem.

Q) I’ve never done Shibari, will you still tie and shoot me? 
A) Sure, though, as mentioned above, we will most likely want to schedule time to put you in a “beginner” suspension tie and see how you feel about it. For some people, it’s just not something they can do and that’s ok but we want to find that out before we schedule your shoot, etc.

Q) Do you provide costuming for boudoir shoots?
A) We don’t. You are expected to bring what you want to shoot in but at the consultation we will absolutely give you ideas on what to bring/wear. Normally, especially for boudoir, we are going for a certain look and that will absolutely be discussed. We encourage you to bing more options rather than less and we can go through what you bring on the shoot day.